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High Rocks, 1050 m above sea-level high - Male Pieniny Summit, located on the Polish-Slovak border, while the highest peak of Pieniny Pieniny whole Klippen Belt. Historically, this summit also had other local names: Pamiarky, Kiczera. Used by the resident population (Lemkos) Pamiarky name probably comes from the existing tower triangulation once there, the name "Kiczera" from Poloniny Kiczera below the summit, on the southwestern side of the mountain. Also frequently used was also the name of "High". Mountain known to the Crown of Polish Mountains.

High Rocks are in the main ridge of the Small Pieniny between Borsuczyny peak (939 m), which is separated from Stachurówki Pass (908 m) and Kapralową high (935 m) and Smerekową (1014 m). From the south, high (and in Pieniny all) borders Spišská Magura (Wiaternego Peak massif), from which it is separated Korbalowa Pass (730 m) through which the national highway No. 543 category II of the Red Monastery to the town's Nest (on the pass wayside cross) The entire mountain area is protected by law.Southern slopes descending to the valley stream Horbalowego lie in Slovakia Pieniny National Park, north-western slope (Polish site) was created in 1961, the High Rocks Nature Reserve, protection shall be small, the only currently exists in the Pieniny fragment górnoreglowego spruce forest. At the High Skałki, as well as located on the east border of the rocks found them in 1981, the presence of rare plant species in Poland - European pluskwicy. Summit High Rocks (High) is ranked in the old historical sources. Performed on the mining and exploration, even longer when it was known that the highest peak of Pieniny.The document mining from 1739 we read: "This mountain is the highest among other mountains and round, on which the rock is a castle. Access to it is too bad, just a man walking wniść can. "For a long time was also visited by tourists. In 1929, there were first winter ascent on skis made by Marian Gotkiewicz companions.

The summit is made of red limestone krynoidowych. From the east and south-eastern side of the rock forms a steep cliff with a height of 5-20 m, in a westerly direction on the ridge there are several rocky humps and protruding rocks: Szurdakowa Fidrykowa Rock and Rock. At the High Pass Kapralowa formerly was clearing, now overgrown with forest. The whole mountain is covered by forest, only the tip itself is a dome of rock projecting above the line of spruce forest. Thus offering a magnificent views of the Tatra Mountains, Babia Góra range Radziejowa, Magura Spiska, Levočské Mountains and Pieniny.

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