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Wąwóz Homole - Jaworki

Nature Reserve Gorge Homole "the name of John Victor - a nature reserve covering the rocky gorge and Czajakową Homole Rock and the lateral part of the stream valleys Koniowskiego Male Pieniny. Founded in 1963, reserve them. John Victor has an area of 58.6 ha and is located in the city in Jaworki Štiavnica. The main purpose of its creation was to protect valuable landscapes and natural curiosities of inanimate and animate.

Homole gorge is approximately 800 meters and cut into the northern slopes of the High Rocks, forming a deep canyon with steep walls reaching up to 120 m in height. It is composed of limestone krynoidowych Czorsztyn series (shown at the bottom of the ravine) and a series of niedzicki (visible at the top of the ravine and thrusted to the south in the limestone series Czorsztyn). The gorge is the result of tectonic folds in the Upper Cretaceous. Large role in his groove, he also streaming it Stoneware. It creates a cascade in the gorge, and its bed is strewn with large boulders.

Before the rise of the reserve area was completely deforested and pastured. Grazing on steep slopes led to a strong erosion of the slopes. Since the inception of the reserve's land was afforested - on the steep rocks in the luminous areas of juniper (Juniperus communis), on the other wielogatunkowym spruce forest with a common (Picea abies), a common beech (Fagus sylvatica), sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus), ash lofty (Fraxinus excelsior), rowan (Sorbus aucuparia), et al. species. Among the shrubs are: no coral (Sambucus racemosa), alpine currant (Ribes alpinum), Honeysuckle Black (Lonicera nigra), common buckthorn (Rhamnus frangula), plum and sloe (Prunus spinosa). Niezalesione surfaces are occupied by three teams of vegetation of rock: a set of pale fescue (Festucetum pallentis) seslerii rock (Seslerietum variae) and reed versicolor (Calamagrostietum variae), with frequent plant species such as: mountain germander (Teucrium montanum), cotoneaster black (Cotoneaster niger), Złocień baldachogroniasty (Tanacetum corymbosum), saxifrage gronkowa, nierównolistna Galium (Galium anisphlyllum) and the rich flora of mosses and small ferns on rocks.

There is here until 9 species of protected plants, including: English ivy (Hedera helix), yew (Taxus baccata), dziewięćsił bezłodygowy (Carlina Acaulis), Turk's cap lily (Lillium martagon), rojownika hairy (Jovibarba hirta), saxifrage gronkowa (Saxifraga paniculata).The most interesting plant species should mention dwulistnika muszego (Ophrys insectifera) (rare species), krzewinkowego speedwell (Veronica frutucans), (glacial relict), smagliczkę rock (Alyssum saxatile), acute stonecrop (Sedum acre), the great stonecrop (Sedum maximum), (which is the primary species on which caterpillars feed Parnassius apollo), a two-year saxifrage (Saxifraga adscendens) (rare plant), stokrotnicę mountain (Aster bellidiastrumi) urdzika Carpathian (Soldanella carpatica), (endemic zachodniokarpacki). The limestone gorge kestrel nest, falcon, owl. In the gorge, you can meet some of the white-throated dipper and Grey Wagtail. The amphibians have spotted salamander and frog.


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