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Mineral waters in Szczawnica

Szczawnica Health Resort has at its disposal 12 mineral water sources. These waters are hydrogencarbonate, sodium, iodide, bromide sorrels rich with mineral salts and numerous microelements. Especially recommended in illnesses of airways, stomach catarrh, constipations, urinary diathesis, arterial sclerosis, with high cholesterol levels, osteoporosis. Sorrel waters are best consumed in drinking rooms, they can also be purchased in special packages at good stores. The drinking treatment from Magdalena and Jan springs are carried out at drinking room "Magdalena", from Stefan and Józefina springs in the old drinking room by the Dietl Square. Waters from Szymon, Wanda and Pitoniakówka springs are the generally-available sources and they may be drawn at the approach to the chair lift to Palenica Mountain, in the Lower Park at the chapel and in Skotnicka street behind the garages. 

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Kwatery prywatne