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Popradzki Landscape Park

Popradzki Landscape Park - a landscape park with an area of 54,212 ha, including the Beskid Sadecki. It is one of the largest parks of its kind in Poland, was created in 1987.In addition to the live nature there are also mineral water (20% of the Polish), rocks (for example, on the slopes of Devil's Stone Jaworzyna Krynicka), or caves (eg Bania in Radziejowa). The highest mountain in the park is Radziejowa height of 1262 meters above sea level 

Poprad Landscape Park is located in the Western Carpathian Mountains, in the Beskid Sadecki, occupies the upper parts of the bands and Jaworzyna Radziejowa Krynicka with landmark located between the valley of Poprad, also covers located within the Polish part of the Mountains Czerchowskich. A significant portion - 80% - is covered by forests. 

Given the diversity of the area, there evolved a plant floor, the foothills of 550-600 m above sea level, lower Regiel to 1100 m above sea level, the upper Regiel above 1100 m asl Regiel bottom are mostly fir and beech forests, in river valleys - hornbeam and meadows. Upper, occurring only in the band Radziejowa, takes spruce forest. In the area of the Park are alpine plants, such as mountain and pięciornik Kuklík gold. There is also the only natural site in Poland wielkoowocowego hawthorn. 

In the vast, dense forests, many species of forest mammals, such as wolves, lynx, deer, wildcats and bears occasionally. There are mountain birds: golden eagle, mountain flushing, Yahoo Messenger thrush, owl, Ural, and the singularity is užovka.

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