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Beskid Sądecki - Szczawnica

Beskid Sadecki watershed stretches from the valley of the Dunajec Valley Nawojowska tenement and Mochnaczki, is the easternmost part of the Western Beskid Mountains.Pieniny separated from the adjacent border is separated by a border running through the valley of the brook geological Grajcarek. Then Dunajec runs between neighboring Gorce, Beskid Sadecki then separated from the Valley of Sciences. Bandwidth is divided into two parts: the band Radziejowa - 1262 m bandwidth and 1114 m above sea-level Jaworzyna Both bands have a total of approximately 50 km long.

Poprad, its picturesque valley which creates a bend  Piwniczna between Muszyna. This episode runs the state border between Slovakia and the Polish. Beskid Sadecki characterized by a considerable number of sources of mineral waters, especially in Krynica, Muszyna, Piwniczna Szczawnica. These natural treasures of the region gave rise to the creation here of numerous therapeutic and recreational centers. These places are also the main centers of tourism. Gorges rivers Poprad and Dunajec, where rafting organized, also significantly affect the tourism in the region of the band. Beskid Sadecki climate is very diverse, Berries, two mountain ranges, winters are characterized by a longer, more influenced by winds and higher rainfall.Municipalities exposed to the north, posiadajiące adequate sunlight, there are some features of climate and foothill podalpejskiego - Krynica. Due to the beauty of the surrounding landscape, in 1987, created in the Beskid Siądeckiego Poprad Landscape Park, which guards the rational use of natural resources.

Region Beskid Sadecki is very attractive to tourists, mainly because of the beautiful scenery, (turn the Poprad River), numerous spas (mineral water), a rich cultural heritage of the region (eg trail of wooden architecture), Folklore. The biggest tourist centers are created near the sources and intakes of mineral water spa towns and villages, such as Krynica-Zdroj, Muszyna, Piwniczna-Zdroj, Rytro, Żegiestów-Zdrój, and situated on the border ranges and Small Pieniny Radziejowa Štiavnica. In Krynica, Muszyna, Wierchomla Small and belonging to Piwniczna Dry Valley are complex lifts and slopes.One of the most popular is Jaworzyna Krynicka, for which the Black Valley Stream in Krynica entering gondola lift. It works well in summer, importing tourists on deforested, scenic summit. In the mountains, were led many hiking trails, the most important and longest runs is the main ridges and Jaworzyna Radziejowa Beskidzki Chief Trail, marked in red. Stance are also bike trails and even goes that way Trans-Horse Trail. In comparison with the neighboring mountain ranges, here is a few vantage points. The most important and best known are: Przehyba, Radziejowa tower, the Great Cuckold and Jaworzyna Krynicka. They are also the most popular tourist peaks in the region.

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