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Sokolica - Pieniny Właściwe

Sosna na SokolicyThe famous summit Sokolica reaches 747 m above sea level in the Middle Pieniny, often called Pieninki. The summit is separated from lyes next to Czertezik with the Pass Sosnowa. Geologically it is part of the Pieniny Klippen Belt, made of limestone weathering-resistant rogowcowych. Northern slopes are covered with fir-beech forest, at the top there are pines relic, one of them is 500 years old. South wall Sokolica falls almost vertically, makes more than three hundred meter gap to the Dunajec River Gorge. The highest fault Sokolica is almost 100 meters high. Underneath is a rock called Cukrowa Głowa, who looks pretty from the Pieniny Way. The walls are covered by lichens, smagliczka rock, alpine aster, Złocień Zawadzki and other unique plants calciphilous.The steep walls of their nests are ipustułki pomurniki. Technically very difficult South Face Sokolica first climbed climbed by Jerzy Potocki with Roman Łazurskim in 1960. Sokolica name comes from the fact that it was place of living for falcons. The summit is long time a tourist trips destination and one of the most photographed places in Poland. Already in 1867 her first photo album made Wyspianski Francis, 10 years before it was painted by Józef Szalaj.

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