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Czorsztyn Castle

Zamek Czorsztyn

Castle Czorsztyn. Around the year 1350 seeking the safety of the border with Hungary, Casimir the Great issued a brick castle. In the following centuries the castle was the center of the seat of royal power and mayors are appointed for life. The old chronicles mention travel and stays monarchs. Several times he was besieged. In 1598, he won it and robbed Albert Grace. In 1651 he defended here Napierski Cube, which kindled a peasant rebellion in the Podhale region. By 1769, they sought refuge in the castle barscy confederates. Around 1795, burned down by lightning bolts. In the nineteenth century was only a picturesque ruin. Former royal estates taken over by the Austrian government in 1819, staged at the auction. The formal Czorsztyn and several neighboring villages came Drohojowskich family. In the time the idea was Drohojowskich reconstruction of the castle. This task is undertaken in 1992 Pieniny National Park by joining a conservation repair.

Ruiny Zmaku CzorsztynDrohojowscy lived in the manor at the foot of the castle. Stanislaw Konstanty, the third in a family owner Czorsztyn little time devoted to the economy, it developed his interest in history. He wrote a guide to the Pieniny. Passionate about it going on the castle, search the ruins. Around 1909, he dug in the basement of a medieval castle the sword from the fourteenth / fifteenth century. Two-edged sword it is, two-handed, carved from one piece of iron, has a 132 cm length. He was the pride of the collection of finds, first exposed in the park pavilion, then Czorsztyn court. In 1945, the parceling out of assets Drohojowskich, went to the Museum of the Tatra.

The tour leads from the courtyard of the lower castle, surrounded by remnants of the outer walls, through the hallway to the Tower Baranowski middle rooms of the castle.From the middle of the castle, after watching a few archaeological relics, the sixteenth-century staircase tourists pass on the castle top. A breathtaking view of Lake Czorsztyńskie, closed the dam embankment. To the right of the barrier becomes white castle and estate niedzicki Niedzica-Castle. Horizon closes Spišské Pieniny and Tatra.From the terrace descends to the partially reconstructed wyporządkowanych and basements. Arranged the museum exhibition here (charts and discuss the history Czorsztyn dam) and a stylish cafe, where summer is often accompanies Kluszkowce Highlander team.

Visiting the ruins of the Czorsztyn individual, without a guide. The castle is open for visitors from 01.05 to 30.09; 9:00 - 18:00 and from 01.10 to 30.04, from 10:00 - 15:00.Prices: 4 zł / os. an ordinary ticket, 2 zł / os. ulgowowy ticket (including school students, pensioners, soldiers, people with disabilities), children under 7 years - free of charge.Castle takes care of the Pieniny National Park.

Cruises "White Lady" from the castle to the castle ruins Niedzica in Czorsztyn. Prices are in one way: adults 4 zł, reduced 3 zł (from 3 to 16 years).

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