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Czorsztyn Lake

Jezioro Czorsztyńskie

Czorsztyńskie lake - Czorsztyn tank. Artificial water reservoir on the river Dunajec, formed by building Niedzica earth dam located on the border of the Pieniny Spiš and Competent. Possibility of retention tank shall be evaluated differently. Dunajec catchment in part before the dam is about 1000 square km, while the catchment below the dam is up to 4360 km square, which means that the quantity of water from precipitation flowing into the Dunajec river above the reservoir is insignificant compared to the amount of rainfall flowing into the Dunajec River below the reservoir. Effect of reservoir flood wave across the Vistula tributaries is negligible. Computer simulations made according to data from the last flood in 1997 indicated that village located above and directly below the Gorges reservoir Dunajec in Pieniny Czorsztyn very effectively protects against flooding, while for the Nowy Sacz and places from below its effectiveness is minimal, in 1997, would occur only 5 cm increase in height of the flood wave in the Nowy Sacz. On the banks of the lake there are two castles: Castle and Castle Czorsztyn Niedzica.

The history of dam construction in Niedzica


Zapora wodna na rzece Dunajec1964 - Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Polish People's Republic on the water in the basin of the Dunajec.
1968 - Approval of the preliminary project ZZW Czorsztyn-Niedzica and Sromowce Wyżne by the Planning Commission to the Council of Ministers.
1969 - Launch of the investment.
1970 - Allocation of investment in the task: I - the surroundings of the tank and road construction. II - basic facilities. Approval of ZTE (Techno-Economic Assumptions) task I.
1971 - Launch of the tasks I
1974 - ZTE Approval of Task II.

1975 - Launch of Tasks II.
1986 - Government decision to extend the task ZZW Czorsztyn to build a sewage treatment plant in the Dunajec basin above the dam section Sromowce Wyżne.
1988 - Translating the government trough. Dunajec drainage tunnels and energy to allow the construction of the dam homepage.
1994 - putting into service of the dam, reservoir, and EW (Hydro) Sromowce Wyżne.
1995 - Completion of the dam and pouring of the body to start finishing works (road after the crown, land slope odpowietrznej).Filling the tank Czorsztyn-ordinate Niedzica to 512.00 m above sea level in accordance with the decision of the Department of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Provincial Office in Nowy Sacz for the start of the plant. Preparing the dish tank Czorsztyn-Niedzica above elevation 512.00 to fill. Complete protective berms for the village Frydman, Dębno and Kluszkowce with the equipment. Completion of construction of wastewater treatment plants in cities around the reservoir behind Czorsztyńskie and Nowy Targ. Start building the technical and biological banks of the tank. Launch of the green protective and supporting.Continuation of regulation of inflows to the reservoir. Completion of the renovation of the Castle Niedzica. Completion of the demolition of historic buildings in preparation for transfer to the museum-museum. Completion of archaeological research. Keeping riots objects.
1996 - Completion of construction of the dam niedzicki. Filling the tank Czorsztyn-Niedzica above elevation 512.00 m. Continuation of construction of wastewater treatment plants and sewerage networks in the villages located in the reservoir basin Czorsztyńskie.Completion of construction of biological and technical edges of the tank. Continuation of the green. Continuing work on the tributaries of the regulatory tanks. Construction of the museum. Completion of work on the preservation of the castle ruins Czorsztyn. Keeping unrest and preparation for the exploitation of the task ZZW Czorsztyn.
1997 - Completion of construction of sewerage systems and sewage treatment plants in towns located in the reservoir basin Czorsztyńskie. Completion of the regulatory work. Completion of the implementation of the green. Transmission facilities into operation. Finishing and estetyzacyjne. 


Visitor Team Hydropower Niedzica proposes some interesting hiking trails. The longest and most of them are specialized plant tour with a guide in groups of 10 or 40 people. The route goes internal viewing balcony, the huge hall of machinery, generators hall, until the gallery control and measurement equipment located 50 meters below the mirror lake.

Cost of tour is 80-300 zł, depending on group size and the type of route and runs from 1 or 2 hours. Visiting every individual in the chair. 12.00 - meeting at the counter on the lower parking lot power. Detailed information and reservations at tel 18 33 47 519 337 715 or 106th

Cruises' Harnaś " Czorsztyn the lake, trip time from 40 to 50 minutes. Prices: adults 10 zł, reduced (age from 3 to 15 years) 8 zł, a night cruise on the lake (from 1 to 1.5 hours.) 600 zł / group of 40 partnership.

Cruises "White Lady" from the castle to the castle ruins Niedzica in Czorsztyn. Prices are in one way: adults 4 zł, reduced 3 zł (from 3 to 16 years). 


Cruises supports: "Sailing and tourism", and Lucy Anna Wolska sc, 34 - 440 Czorsztyn Mizerna 96, tel +48 18 275 01 21 18 275 01 25 

Gondola rides on Lake Czorsztyn, once to 16 people. Prices: Group 8 zł / os., Individual adults 10 zł, reduced 8 zł (children under 10), travel from castle to castle (Czorsztyn - Niedzica) 4 zł / os.

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