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leJaworki - is a former Lemko village lying at the foot of the Małe Pieniny (Small Pieniny) Grajcarek in the valley. The village includes Biała Woda (White Water) and Czarna Woda (Black Water) subvillages. Rural tourist attractions are: Homole Gorge Nature Reserve, a nature reserve Biała Woda, High Rocks Reserve and the famous music club Music Sheepfold. In the village there is a church built in 1798 in Baroque style. Numerous hiking trails are crowded. The trail leads connecting Jaworek Radziejowa band of Pieniny. White Water is the name of the stream flowing on the border of the Małe Pieniny and Beskid Sądecki. Biała Woda rocky valley is covered by a protective reserve. In the northern outlet of the valley is one of a basalt outcrop called Pieniny basaltic rock. Ruski Grajcarek otherwise known as Stream resulted from the merger of Biała i Czarna Woda in Jaworki. It influences the Dunajec and the whole area of the river valley is located in the city Štiavnica.
Gorge Homole them. John Victor V-shaped part of the Small Pieniny and without doubt their biggest tourist attraction. The gorge is built of red and white limestone krynoidowego. The gorge reaches the highest point of the height of 120 meters. Flowing brook ravine called Stoneware with numerous cascades of water. The gorge is covered by strict nature reserves. Inside the green trail leads visitors to the leading high - 1052 meters above sea level

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Kwatery prywatne